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Sacred Angkor: stereographic panoramas

[10.5.2006 | Museum Victoria]
Sarah Kenderdine

Project Lead: Sarah Kenderdine Museum Victoria in collaboration with APSARA-Authority, Cambodia

These striking stereographic panoramas capture the potent sacred space of Angkorean temple architecture and relief sculpture. Travel through a 3-D landscape of celestial palaces, rich with Khmer iconography illustrating the narratives of Hindu and Buddhist mythologies. Angkor was capital of the medieval Khmer empire in Cambodia (9th–17th C) and it continues to capture the world’s imagination with its immense scale and beauty.

Panoramic vision has been a mode of virtual travel for hundreds of years. This compelling work uses a sophisticated combination of technologies to bring panoramic scenes and viewers into a new degree of intimacy. The combination of 3-D landscapes with spatial sound, audio spotlights, animations and real-world video brings new life to each scene. This is a groundbreaking and exceptional work which paves the way for heritage visualisation.

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1 responses to: "Sacred Angkor: stereographic panoramas"
Saturday, October 14, 2006
thrane says:

Another great production from Sarah Kenderdine

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